California FHA Home Mortgage Loan

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We have a team of mortgage professionals that has successfully helped thousands of California homeowners qualify for an FHA home loan. Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking for your dream home after retirement we can assist with the purchase of this home.

This resource will house information on qualifying for a California FHA home mortgage loan as well as mortgage interest rates analysis over time. Throughout the year we will offer a mortgage rate forecast as well as make predictions for the upcoming months and years. You will also see plenty of resource that help answer some of the more frequently asked questions we can. Feel free to click on any of the links to get more information about a California FHA home mortgage loan.

UPDATE: On January 1st, 2016 seven (7) California counties will see an increase in FHA loan limits. These counties include: Monterey, Napa, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Joaquin and Sonoma. If you have any questions about qualifying for an FHA home loan with a specific credit score call us today.

Our most popular resource is the California FHA loan limits county by county. Use this resource to look up the FHA loan limits for your county. You can also click the link of each county on the resource to get more localized information. If you want more information about your county and an FHA home loan contact ABLEnding today at 866.260.2253. We can help you save money with a lower monthly mortgage payment in 2016.

California FHA Mortgage Calculator with MIP – When it comes to calculating the cost of a monthly mortgage payment it is important to factor in all costs. Note that the MIP is often paid up front as you wont be paying it over the course of the home loan. That said, using the proper California FHA mortgage calculator is imperative if you want to know your exact monthly mortgage payment.

January 2016 Mortgage Rates in California Update – Now that 2016 is upon us millions of California homeowners are wondering if they should refinance their current home loan. Learn much more about where mortgage interest rates are headed in this article.

2016 California FHA Mortgage Interest Rates – If you plan on buying a home in any part of California in 2016 this resource is for you. It will help explain why mortgage rates may go up or down in the very near future. It will also help you understand how to lock in the lowest mortgage interest rates today.

Torres-Martinez Native American California FHA Home Mortgage Options – If you currently live on tribal land and are a member of the Torres-Martinez Native American tribe there are FHA home mortgage options available for you in the state of California. Click the link to find out much more information.

FHA Home Mortgage Loan on Morongo Native American Land in California – When looking to purchase land or a home on Morongo Native American Land it is important to remember there are FHA home loan options. As with all tribal lands and indian reservations there are some facts you will need to know. Click on the link to learn more.

Agua-Caliente Native American California FHA Home Mortgage Loan Information – There are a number of Native American tribes in California in which tribal land falls under the jurisdiction to receive assistance through an FHA home mortgage loan. To learn more when it comes to the Agua-Caliente tribe click the link above.

I’m Self Employed and Want to Apply for a California FHA Home Mortgage – This is a statement we get all the time. Those that are self employed must provide specific IRS tax documents. To better understand what documents are necessary feel free to give us a call or click on the above link to find out much more information.

Are There Native American or Indian Tribe Member FHA Mortgage Options? – Over the coming weeks and months we are going to highlight some of the FHA home mortgage options available in the state of California for those that are Native American. If you reside on tribal land there are a few options available to you that would not be available if you did not live on tribal land.

Can I Streamline Refinance a California FHA Home Mortgage Loan? – When looking to save money by refinancing a home mortgage some people will look to go through the streamline process. This is a quicker process that requires less documentation. Some will even look for no credit score or no income verification when refinancing their home loan. Learn more about the options when it comes to a California FHA home mortgage.

Can I Do an FHA Short Refinance After Going Through Loan Modification? – Before going through the FHA Short Refinance process there are a few things you will need to know if your mortgage loan has been modified. After the credit crisis many California homeowners took advantage of the Making Home Affordable Obama mortgage program. Today, will that hurt you when it comes to going through the FHA short refinance process? Learn more at the link.

Is the Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP) Refundable When Refinancing? – A number of homeowners contact us looking to refinance an FHA home loan to a conventional home loan. This process is not as difficult as some may think but there are questions that must be answered. When qualifying for an FHA home loan the borrower likely had to pay a mortgage insurance premium or MIP. When refinancing to a conventional home loan this mortgage insurance premium is not refundable.

What Quality Control Review Findings Must Lenders Report to FHA? – This is a question we often get asked when trying to understand what types of findings must be reported to the FHA. Find out much more at the link provided.

Is a Verification of Rent or Mortgage Required For California FHA Home Loan? – We are often asked about verification of rent or a mortgage when it comes to qualify for a California FHA home loan. Learn more about this at the link provided above.

What is the Cal-EEM + Grant Program and Can I Apply? – This is a very hot topic for low income buyers looking to make their homes more energy efficient. Some homeowners have found they can save over $100 on a monthly electric bill. If you are considering a more energy efficient home in California please look over this resource.

Does My Spouse’s Credit and Debt Hurt My Chances for a California FHA Mortgage? – This is a question we get asked all the time. If a spouse has a very low credit score with high credit card, student loan or car loan debt a large number of potential home buyers are concerned they cannot qualify for a California FHA home loan. Learn much more about this topic at the link.

CAIVRS and FHA Home Mortgage Loans – When it comes to debts and qualifying for an FHA home mortgage loan in California there are some facts you will need to know. This can be a very tedious process which may include contacting several debt collecting agencies. Rather than trying to do this all yourself allow ABLEnding to better assist you in qualifying for an FHA home loan.

A number of people have contacted us and asked if all banks, credit unions and small community banks offer FHA home loans in the state of California. The only way to know if a specific financial institution offers this type of mortgage product is to contact them directly. There are some banks in the state of California that do not offer any home loan products.

There are several steps that must be taken to qualify for an FHA home mortgage in the state of California. Note that some will look for a Los Angeles based experienced lawyer to read over the documents. Note that you do not need to “lawyer up” when applying for a home loan in California. We will take the necessary steps to make it a seamless process.

You can access all the banks in the state of California on the FDIC website. There is a search function that will allow you to see their holdings as well as their location. A number of the bigger banks have several locations but contacting any location will help you determine if they offer FHA home mortgage loan products.