Napa County, California FHA Loan Limits Increase in 2016

On January 1st, 2016 Napa County, California will enter the “high cost ceiling” in terms of FHA loan limits. The new loan limits are as follows:

Single – $625,500
Duplex – $800,775
Tri-plex – $967,950
Four-plex – $1,202,925

There are currently 12 counties in California that have reached the ceiling of $625,500 for a single family home for FHA mortgage financing. Napa County is the newest addition and will be the only addition for 2016. If you are looking to secure financing for a Napa County, California home contact us today at 866.260.2253. We have a team of mortgage professionals that have helped many qualify for an FHA home loan throughout the state.

There are many difficult questions that must be answered before a home buyer goes through the finance process. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you want more information on a FHA mortgage in any part of California. We also have a very extensive California FHA home mortgage resource that should help explain more about the financing options available.

As more information becomes available as it pertains to updates with FHA mortgage loans in California we will be sure to document it on our website. We would love to answer any questions you may have over the phone or in the form of an article. Each situation is different and we understand that. This means no question should go unanswered. When trying to figure out if you have the credit score to qualify for a Napa County, California FHA home loan remember that you will likely only know if you go through the application process.

We can help you streamline the process and make it much easier. As one of the most highly rated mortgage brokers in California, Mark Ventrone will be more than happy to assist you with each and every step of the application for a California FHA mortgage home loan.

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