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Essence Of Self Certified Mortgages

Essence Of Self Certified Mortgages Your search for a mortgage isn’t leading results. Check for any impediments. May be the lenders dread offering credit on the grounds that you are self employed. But are you alone in the pursuit? No. The statistics put the figure of self employed people at around three million. Add to [...]

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Variable Rate Mortgages – Setting The Standard

Variable Rate Mortgages – Setting The Standard Here’s the first mortgage term you should learn – Standard Variable Rate, or SVR. This is the interest rate you will be paying on the total amount you are borrowing. It is usually expressed as a percentage, and is different from an APR (Annual Percentage Rate). An APR [...]

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Top Ten Franchise Opportunities For $20,000

Top Ten Franchise Opportunities For $20,000 Franchises are among the fastest growing business opportunities available. Once the purview only of those who could afford to invest many, many thousands of dollars – often as many as several hundred of thousands – franchise opportunities now exist that will fit almost any budget. If you are looking [...]

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A Brief History Of Buy-To-Let Mortgages

A Brief History Of Buy-To-Let Mortgages Evolution of the Buy-to-Let Market Investing in property is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK. Prior to 1990 rental properties were dominated by the Government. The private rented sector only began to emerge once the Government changed its housing policy in the 1980s and mortgage lenders began to [...]

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The Concept of Ownership

The Concept of Ownership One of the most fundamental concepts in private law, regardless of the jurisdiction, is the concept of ownership. What belongs to who is fundamental in many aspects of the law, ranging from who bears the risk during the process of sale through to whether or not a theft has been committed. [...]

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Prepayment Penalties & Indexes

Prepayment Penalties & Indexes This article deals with some rarely discussed mortgage details that can have a major financial impact if you’re not careful. For starters, there’s Prepayment Penalties. These penalties can cost you a bundle and they’re often overlooked during the origination of the loan as well as the signing. Many mortgage brokers know [...]

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Adverse Credit Remortgage – Refinance Easily!

Adverse Credit Remortgage – Refinance Easily! A remortgage is defined as the repayment of one mortgage by taking out another secured on the same property. This is done mainly to get a new mortgage for a lower rate of interest from a different lender for a better rate. An adverse credit remortgage can prove to [...]

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How To Pay Off Debt

How To Pay Off Debt Dealing with credit card debt is not as hard as you may think. If there's any consolation, you're not the only one facing such situation. At some point, many people like you face financial crises with credit card debt. More and more consumers today find themselves in the uncomfortable situation [...]

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Home for Sale? Use the Internet to Gain Maximum Exposure

Home for Sale? Use the Internet to Gain Maximum Exposure If you have a home for sale or are thinking of putting your home on the market, you have probably been closely following the recent housing-related news. The media has speculated that the real estate "bubble" is bursting and issued warnings about the potential of [...]

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