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Adverse Credit Mortgages – Advantages Of Bad Credit Mortgages

Adverse Credit Mortgages – Advantages Of Bad Credit Mortgages

Mortgages for those with adverse credit have advantages that conventional mortgages don’t. The prime advantage is that they are easier to qualify for, even with a bad credit history. Sub-prime mortgages also allow you to build wealth with your home purchase. And they have fewer hurdles, such as not requiring PMI.

Start Building Wealth

Bad credit mortgages allow you to start building equity wealth even if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your past. With rates only a couple of points above conventional rates, you can get into a home with no or little down. For about the cost of a rent payment, you can enjoy tax deductions and home ownership.

Without waiting for your credit score to improve, you can buy a home at today’s prices. Even though no one knows for certain what prices will be in the next couple of years, more than likely they will be higher. You can see that appreciation by buying a home now.

Forgo Private Mortgage Insurance And Other Hurdles

Unlike conventional loans, you don’t have to carry private mortgage insurance with a sub-prime loan. So even with a down payment of less than 20%, you don’t have to worry about premium costs.

Sup-prime lenders are also more flexible with their requirements. Your cash assets, income, and credit scores can be less than favorable, but you can still get a mortgage. You can also choose more flexible loan terms of interest-only, jumbo, or adjustable rates.

Finding An Adverse Credit Mortgage

With more and more financing companies offering sub-prime lending, it’s easier than ever to find an adverse credit mortgage. A quick search online will yield hundreds of opportunities. Sifting through those results can produce some very favorable financing offers.

If you are overwhelmed with the choices, start with a mortgage broker. They sort through the plans to present you with the best selections. In some cases they also offer special deals, not found elsewhere.

Don’t worry about getting approved or not. Focus on getting the best rates and terms. Ask for loan quotes that include closing cost estimates to make comparisons. Also be willing to negotiate more favorable terms, especially to lower caps or fees.

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